Marie Hinson

Virtual reality cyberpunk, poet, artist and filmmaker. Corrupting across the binaries as hexe.exe.


My practice is interdisciplinary, mixing writing, performance, virtuality, and computer-based and language-based image technology.

  • Aggregate / Multitude

    Aggregate / Multitude

    This experimental project explores queer (dis)orientation and glitched embodiment through virtual reality, sound, writing, and performance to open portals into the solidarities of multiplicity and collectivity. T and hexe.exe created a pair of immersive 3d environments on a virtual reality social media platform. The worlds unfurl colorfully undulating landscapes from a shared pool of assets:… More

  • Stretch the Grid Over My Skin

    Stretch the Grid Over My Skin

    Stretch the Grid Over My Skin is a live noise and poetry set for real-time video streaming that blends IRL performance and virtual reality. I layer the noise live from simple synths, samplers, and vocals. I break apart and reassemble poems about virtual avatars, transexual embodiment, and metaversed materialities within staticy waves of noise and… More

  • Brooklyn Rail – NSE #592

    Brooklyn Rail – NSE #592

    Brooklyn Rail performance for the New Social Environment #592 of music and poetry with Joey De Jesus, Shanekia McIntosh, B. Taylor, and Leila Ortiz. More

  • Obliterate


    Performed OBLITERATE an asexual, abolitionist erotic video/sound work about an anarchist bombing for the Anchoress Syndicate’s My Smutty Valentine. More

  • Pink Noise Vol. 1 Performance

    Pink Noise Vol. 1 Performance

    Performed noise and poetry on a rooftop at sunset for the Anchoress Syndicate’s Pink Noise No. 1. More

  • Stop on the Object / Move on the Image

    Stop on the Object / Move on the Image

    Philadelphia Museum of Art commissioned performance for their Final Fridays public programming series. More

  • Please Remit My Qubits

    Please Remit My Qubits: a trans hex on the birth of quantum supremacy (Operating System, 2020) is chapbook of poetry. In 2019, Google achieved quantum supremacy — a quantum computer that could do in 200 seconds would take 10,000 years on a conventional super computer. Marie Hinson uses her trans embodiment and metaphysics to place… More

  • I Don’t Want a Body Anymore

    I Don’t Want a Body Anymore, is a 20 page zine that documents a year of my living in virtual reality. A mix of poetry and research about going inside the computer to create new forms of embodiment, queer community, and spiritual care with an international coven of trans catgirls. The zine follows my creation… More