Marie Hinson / hexe.exe is an artist working in performance, social practice and technology. Alive in NYC and virtual reality. 


Email: hexeohhexe (at)

Tag: Performance

Chapbook (2) Music (1) Performance (4) Writing (1)

  • transfiguration


    Live electronic music and visuals bridging social VR and IRL clubs.

  • Aggregate / Multitude

    Aggregate / Multitude

    Immersive 3d environments and writing about queer (dis)orientation and glitched embodiment.

  • Stretch the Grid Over My Skin

    Stretch the Grid Over My Skin

    Stretch the Grid Over My Skin is a live noise and poetry set for real-time video streaming that blends IRL performance and virtual reality. I layer the noise live from simple synths, samplers, and vocals. I break apart and reassemble poems about virtual avatars, transexual embodiment, and metaversed materialities within staticy waves of noise and…

  • Obliterate


    I finger-fucked a wall to bring it down.