Marie is a Brooklyn based director and cinematographer. Her credits include: Art and Krimes by Krimes(DocNYC 2021, MTV Films), Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid (Chicken and Egg Nest Knight Fellowship 2019, IFP Documentary Lab 2019, TFI Network 2020), Queer Genius (NewFest 2019). Clients have also included PBS, LogoTV, Facebook, and Comcast.

  • Art and Krimes by Krimes

    Art and Krimes by Krimes

    feature documentary (2022)
    dir. Alysa Nahmias
    MTV Films

    An incarcerated artist labors over a number of years on a secret masterpiece, finding a way to survive in the act of creativity.

  • Queer Genius

    Queer Genius

    feature documentary (2021) / dir. Chet Pancake / Frameline Distribution /

    QUEER GENIUS explores the remarkable lives of five queer female artists: Barbara Hammer, Eileen Myles, Black Quantum Futurism, Moor Mother, and Dynasty Handbag / Jibz Cameron. Deep, affectionate, and intimate portraits resonate across generation as critically acclaimed and notoriously radical queer artists overcome personal and political obstacles to find new ways to live and share visionary creative practices.


    “The footage is raw, visceral and expansive, covering not only the innovative work of these artists but also capturing their reflections and vulnerabilities in beautiful ways.”

    Neha Mulay for Honeysuckle Magazine
  • Desire Lines

    Desire Lines

    feature documentary (in production)
    dir. Jules Rosskam
    Full Spectrum Features

    In this hybrid documentary, history comes alive when an Iranian-American transman time-travels through the LGBT archives on a dizzying quest to unravel his own sexual desires.

  • Tonight We Eat Flowers

    Tonight We Eat Flowers

    short narrative (2022)
    dir. Bettina Escauriza
    premiere: BlackStar 2022

    Luis, a recent immigrant who sells “hold music” and Jamila, a gourmet chef stuck working in a cubicle, fall in love under unlikely circumstances that involve absolutely terrible music, a lot of blood, and edible flowers.

    BlackStar 2022 Premiere Program

  • Sundown Road

    Sundown Road

    short narrative (in post-production)
    dir. Asli Dukan

    When 3 college students get stuck on a desolate road while returning to school, they soon find themselves in all too familiar territory.