Oct 2022 – Zine release presented by CRUSH at Bullet Space with Joey De Jesus, Shanekia McIntosh, Caelan Ernest, and Harron Walker.

Oct 2022 – Noise and poetry set Stretch the Grid Over My Skin for FUBAR Glitch Art Festival.

Sept 2022 – Cinematography for Art and Krimes by Krimes theatrical premiere in NYC and LA.

Aug 2022 – Noise and poetry set Stretch the Grid Over My Skin live-streamed from virtual reality for EBM Worldwide.

Aug 2022 – BlackStar Film Festival premieres short narrative TONIGHT WE EAT FLOWERS, directed by Bettina Escauriza and I cinematographed.

Jul 2022 – Previewed new poetry from my zine I DON’T WANT A BODY ANYMORE for the Queer Art Book Fair.

Jul 2022 – Cinematography for production SUNDOWN ROAD narrative short directed by Asli Dukan.

Jun 2022 – Brooklyn Rail performance for the New Social Environment #592 of music and poetry with Joey De Jesus, Shanekia McIntosh, B. Taylor, and Leila Ortiz.

Apr 2022 – EP release of 11hexes collaboration with 11lioness.

Apr 2022 – Union Theological Seminary visiting artist lecture for Rev. Briggs LGBTQ+ Spiritual Care course about VR based queer and trans community and care.

Nov 2021 – Cinematography for feature documentary ART AND KRIMES BY KRIMES directed by Alysa Nahmias premieres at DOC NYC.

Oct 2021 – University of Vermont visiting artist presentation for Madsen Minax.

Apr 2021 – Started weekly live-streaming from VR on Twitch.

Mar 2021 – Read and spoke about Appalachian queer and trans placemaking and spirituality for Kudzu Crossroads panel organized by Dudgrick Bevins for the Southeastern Women’s Study Association.

Feb 2021 – Performed OBLITERATE an asexual, abolitionist erotic video/sound work about an anarchist bombing for the Anchoress Syndicate’s My Smutty Valentine.

Dec 2020 – Read poems at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division for Kudzu Crossroads organized by Dudgrick Bevins.

Nov 2020 – Broadside release and reading of my poem “Start by Sleeping” for the Center for Book Arts curated by Joey De Jesus.

May 2020 – Performed noise and poetry on a rooftop at sunset for the Anchoress Syndicate’s Pink Noise No. 1.

Apr 2020 – Read new poetry for CRUSH reading series programmed by Suzanne Goldenberg.

Mar 2020 – Chapbook launch of PLEASE REMIT MY QUBITS (Operating System) at Bluestockings and Brickbat Books.

Aug 2019 – Cinematography for QUEER GENIUS premieres at Frameline.

May 2019 – Installation of THIS IS A TRANSMISSION a conversation on trans spirituality at Vox Populi’s Blackbox.

Mar 2019 – Philadelphia Museum of Art commission of new work STOP ON THE OBJECT MOVE ON THE IMAGE for Saturday night programming.

Jan 2019 – Residency developing new writing and somatic practice at THE WHOLE SHEBANG movement and dance studio.