Marie Hinson / hexe.exe is an artist working in performance, social practice and technology. Alive in NYC and virtual reality. 


Email: hexeohhexe (at)

Please Remit My Qubits

Please Remit My Qubits: a trans hex on the birth of quantum supremacy (Operating System, 2020) is chapbook of poetry. In 2019, Google achieved quantum supremacy — a quantum computer that could do in 200 seconds would take 10,000 years on a conventional super computer. Marie Hinson uses her trans embodiment and metaphysics to place a hex on this milestone of capitalism from points of origin to future simulations.

“Please remit my qubits. Please let go of those parts of me that are working for and with capitalism. Please remit to my body my ability to use my language and imagination to set off into and bring into being a future. A spell, a hex.”

Two page spread from the middle of the book. And a poem section “Desire” from the second section of the book, headed by the fourth page in this PDF with the 4×4 grid titled “Survey II.”

Launched at Bluestockings reading with Zefyr Lisowski, Joey De Jesus, and Sherese Francis.