Marie Hinson

Virtual reality cyberpunk, poet, artist and filmmaker. Corrupting across the binaries as hexe.exe.

Category: Projects

  • Aggregate / Multitude

    Aggregate / Multitude

    This experimental project explores queer (dis)orientation and glitched embodiment through virtual reality, sound, writing, and performance to open portals into the solidarities of multiplicity and collectivity. T and hexe.exe created a pair of immersive 3d environments on a virtual reality social media platform. The worlds unfurl colorfully undulating landscapes from a shared pool of assets:…

  • Queer Art Print & Digital Book Fair

    Queer Art Print & Digital Book Fair

    New zine I Don’t Want a Body Any More and 11Hexes EP as well as my chapbook Please Remit My Qubits available through June and July.