Marie Hinson

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  • Hexe.exe VR Performance and Social Practice

    Performance and social practice creating international queer/trans community through virtual embodiment. I use a VR headset, controllers and a set of 8 body worn trackers to map my body into a virtual avatar and virtual world. Using live streaming and social media, I interact with an audience via a handheld virtual camera and live chat. […]

  • Brooklyn Rail Performance

    Brooklyn Rail Performance

    A half hour improvised, collaborative performance for Brooklyn Rail livestream with Joey De Jesus (reading, live samples), Leila Ortiz (reading), B Taylor (vocals and clarinet), and myself (handheld analog synth, live samples). Clip This is a section from midway through the performance. The text sampled and read by Joey and Leila is from my poems […]

  • Stop on the Object / Move on the Image

    Stop on the Object / Move on the Image

    Set in the chapel-like room of the Brancusi gallery in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I created a sound and audio environment to hold a 40-minute, improvised performance of myself and four collaborators: poets Laura Neuman and Sekai’afua Zankel and dancers Vitche-Boul Ra and Meg Foley. The audience and performers are illuminated by the flickering […]