Marie Hinson

Virtual reality cyberpunk, poet, artist and filmmaker. Corrupting across the binaries as hexe.exe.

Category: App001

  • Hexe.exe VR Performance and Social Practice

    Performance and social practice creating international queer/trans community through virtual embodiment. I use a VR headset, controllers and a set of 8 body worn trackers to map my body into a virtual avatar and virtual world. Using live streaming and social media, I interact with an audience via a handheld virtual camera and live chat.…

  • Brooklyn Rail – NSE #592

    Brooklyn Rail – NSE #592

    Brooklyn Rail performance for the New Social Environment #592 of music and poetry with Joey De Jesus, Shanekia McIntosh, B. Taylor, and Leila Ortiz.

  • Stop on the Object / Move on the Image

    Stop on the Object / Move on the Image

    Philadelphia Museum of Art commissioned performance for their Final Fridays public programming series.