Marie Hinson


Marie Hinson is a queer and trans artist from rural Appalachia practicing poetry, performance, and documentary in NYC. Her first solo performance work, Stop on the Object / Move on the Image debuted at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2019. She published her first chapbook Please Remit My Qubits: A trans hex on the birth of quantum supremacy with the Operating System in 2020.

Her work has also been included in commissions and programming at the Center for Book Arts, Vox Populi, and the Scribe Video Center. She is currently a part time virtual reality cat girl building immersive performance environments in cyberspace.

Marie has worked as a documentary cinematographer since she graduated with an MFA in film from Temple University. Her feature credits include: Krimes (DocNYC 2021, MTV Films), Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid (Chicken and Egg Nest Knight Fellowship 2019, IFP Documentary Lab 2019, TFI Network 2020), Queer Genius (NewFest 2019). Clients have also included PBS, LogoTV, Facebook, and Comcast.

Marie has taught classes and workshops in art and documentary filmmaking at Temple University, Virginia Tech, Scribe Video Center, and PhillyCAM as well as visiting artist lectures at University of Vermont and Union Theological Seminary.